Saturday, 27 October 2012

Places & Spaces: Three Season Room

I've been meaning to start a design blog for some time now. So I decided to kick this off with a personal project that my husband Ryley and I designed and built in our back yard. It's our three season room, also known as my smoking room (my vice is the occasional cigar). Essentially it is an enclosed/roofed deck that extends off the patio doors to our kitchen. I wanted something that was comfy and cozy that would extend our outdoor season and give us privacy (it's elevated 4' off the ground and if it weren't for the walls, we'd be able to see directly into the neighbors yards and they'd see us way up high - hello neighbors!) This is my favorite space in my house because it is prefect for both parties and for relaxing. 
Fabric Detail: Ikat & Burlap
The seat cushions are made from mattress foam and are almost as deep as a twin mattress. Yes, I have slept out here.
All of the white & cedar panels can open or remain closed.
 Horizontal cedar boards is a common theme in many of our outdoor projects. This room matches our front step which Ryley built a couple of years ago, and the backyard fence we are just putting the finishing touches on now. I will post pictures of these projects sometime soon!