Monday, 15 July 2013

DIY: Succulent Mini Garden

Ever since I received this large, round, acid green bowl as a gift from a dear friend I've thought about how good it would look as a planter for hens and chicks as well as other succulents. But for some reason never got around to making this idea into a reality. I don't know why, because this is one DIY project that is so simple to do, yet so fun and rewarding! So about a month ago I finally got down to business...
I love succulents because they are so easy to care for and require very little watering or other maintenance. Come autumn, I will bring it inside and attempt to keep it alive all winter long.
All you need for this project is a wide mouthed, shallow container, pebbles, soil and succulents. The pebbles are for the bottom of the pot to provide for drainage so the roots don't get root rot (this step is only necessary if your container does not have a hole in the bottom). Next fill your pot about 3/4 full of soil and place the succulents in the pot. This is the time to arrange and rearrange the plants into a pretty visual formation. I like to make sure I have a combination of sculptural plants with sprawling plants that can be planted near the edge so that as they grow they cascade over the edge. Lastly, fill in any gaps between plants with soil. And voila! You have yourself a succulent mini garden!