Saturday, 26 January 2013

Places & Spaces: Noreiga Street Parklet

This post is really about three things: 1) How much I miss summer (Saskatchewan winters are RIDICULOUS)!  2) How much I love creative use of spaces. 3) How much I love new, adaptable & interactive uses of public space.
Using only three diagonol parking spots, Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders created an outdoor space in a San Fransisco neighbourhood for the use and enjoyment of the community. How amazing would it be to come across something like this in your neighborhood? Cathedral Area, 13th Ave here in Regina is just begging for something like this, no? Come to think of it, there are dozens (probably hundreds) of spaces in this city that could use a little something like this. A little beautification, a little sense of community? Gets you thinking doesn't it? What are some areas you think could use some thoughtful community design?

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  1. So fun!! Across the street from Noah's house, the JJ Bean coffee build this space, on a parallel parking spot. But I think the angles in San Frans version make it easier to not be one clumped group.