Thursday, 23 May 2013

DIY: Design a Unique Cork Board Part 1 of 2

So now for a fun easy little project: making your own unique cork board. I am in the habit of keeping a cork board in my home office, as what I like to call an inspiration board. This board is ever evolving depending on what I'm working on and what is inspiring me right now.  But cork boards can be used for a variety of purposes from keeping all your sticky notes in one place to acting as a message board for the whole family.

All you will need for this project is a cork board of your desired shape and size, fabric, fabric scissors and a glue gun.
Step 1: Cut your fabric using your cork board measurements but adding two inches to each side for the overlap. The extra two inches is so your fabric can wrap around the entire board, including the trim and still have enough fabric on the back to adhered it to the back of your board with a glue gun.
Step 2: Glue the fabric to the back of the board making sure to pull it tightly and look at the front occasionally to make sure the fabric is is aligned properly with the board. This is especially important if your fabric has stripes or a geometric pattern because you'll want to make sure the pattern is nice and straight. Also, make sure to neatly fold the corners before gluing in place.

Step 3: As you are gluing, make sure to cut divets in your fabric where the wall hangers for the cork board are located.
Step 4: That's pretty much it. Simple hey!?! Hang your cork board in desired location and fill it up with pictures, notes, whatever floats your boat!

Here's my version of the finished product as a mood board:
Hope you enjoy this little project as much as I did! Feel free to share your versions!

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