Saturday, 10 November 2012

Loveable Livable Trends: Reclaimed & Live Edge Wood

I'm not a big fan of trends and don't recommend that people change their style or decor based on a trend or follow them too closely. Trends are just too, well, trendy. They come and go so quickly. So why am I writing a post about trends you might ask? Well, every once in a while a trend comes along that I just love so much that it makes me want to bend my no trends rule just a little. But I have a prerequisite: it has to be something with staying power. Something that I think will remain in style for a lot longer than a single season.

Something very stylish right now that I think has some serious staying power is the trend towards raw, more natural looking wood as prominent statement pieces. I'm talking about the reclaimed wood wall, reclaimed wood furniture and live edge furniture pieces. I love this look! If you have the right space for it, it provides instant texture and character to a space and is one of a kind. What do you think, is this a trend you could get into?

Clockwise from top left: MTH Woodworks Bloom Coffee Table available at, Hilla Shamia Cast Aluminum and Wood Furniture available at, Reclaimed Wood Wall from, Live Edge Wood Headboard, Reclaimed Wood Dining Table from


  1. Sara and I really like the headboard

  2. I really love this look too...and like you said, it doesn't really seem to disappear. My dad and I made tealight holders out of large branches a few years wasn't that hard and they were so cute!