Monday, 26 November 2012

Have Yourself A Modern Little Christmas

This time of year, right now, is such a fun moment. The moment before the chaos, when we start to anticipate the fun and feeling of the holiday season. We want to start buying presents and decorating our homes. But for the minimalists, finding decorations we like is not always so easy.

Ryley & I buy a real (farm grown/sustainably harvested) tree every year and for years put nothing on it but little white lights. My reasoning was that a real tree is so beautiful on its own and really doesn't need embellishments. But after about ten years of this I have started to grow bored of it and have been looking for new ways to show my Christmas spirit.

However, the idea of cluttering up my home with trinkets and nicknacks is still unappealing to me so I put away my everyday decorative items for the season and replace them with the holiday items. Never very many, just enough to give the feeling of holidays: a wreath on the door, a lumberjack plaid throw on the couch (that my friend Nikki gave to me), maybe some candles and faux fur pillows or throws, my minimal tree and yeah, that's about it. If you're like me and looking for just a few new pieces to add to your Christmas decor, here are a few of my favorite finds so far (a lot of these are handmade items from Etsy cause I like to support small business):
Clockwise from top left: Himmeli Ornaments by AMradio at; Christmas Tree by Cardboard Christmas at; XL Pouf by theRemakerie at (even a modernist can use a little bit of pattern); Elf Candleholders by CB2 at; Fred lrg moose trophy by Cardboard Safari at; Branch Menorah by JudaicaDesignsUSA at; Auskin Jumbo Beanbag by Auskin Fibre at 

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  1. I like the idea of just a few beautiful items to provide that holiday feeling...thanks for the tips!