Friday, 7 December 2012

Places & Spaces: Rollout Wallpaper

Rollout Wallpaper: Views of the Construction of the Eiffel Tower
Detail View of Eiffel Wallpaper
Because practically all I think about is design, I perpetually have my ear to the ground so to speak. So I sometimes come across a business/designer/artist that I think do amazing, unique and creative work that is worthy of sharing.
They've been on my radar for a while, but I recently came across their work again and was re-amazed at the artistry. I'm talking about Rollout - a Canadian company that does custom wallpapers and murals. You can get any picture you want turned into wallpaper or murals. They will create custom designs for you or your company, as well as searching out local artists and commissioning them to create unique wallpaper designs for Rollout. The results are stunningly beautiful, unique and often very tongue-in-cheek. Check it:
Rollout Wallpaper: Water Tanks
Rollout Wallpaper: GCT Ceiling

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  1. The beautiful construction of the Eiffel tower on wallpaper...who woulda thunk!